Our Work With Autism

motion design

As World Autism Week draws to a close, we’re reminiscing on how proud we are to have worked on several high-profile projects that help promote awareness of Autistic Spectrum Disorders.


In the past we worked with Injan to produce animation and graphics for ASD Info Wales for live action videos that provide advice to parents and teachers.


Most recently we have been working with ie ie Productions on their documentary ‘Richard and Jaco: Life with Autism’, which sees Welsh actor Richard Mylan explore autism with his eleven year-old son Jaco, who was diagnosed as being on the autistic spectrum.


It’s important to us to do positive things to support the awareness of autistic spectrum disorders, and in our own way we can help reduce the stigma around the associated disorders, especially since over 1 in 100 people live with autistic spectrum disorders in the UK.