Show and Tell with Creative Cardiff


‘I was one of the guest speakers last night at the inaugural Creative Cardiff event, their first Show and Tell. I was asked to bring along an object to help explain my creative process, alongside SC Productions’ Sarah Cole and Moshi Moshi dolls’ dressmaker Hilary Wagstaff. My little notebook, while not as visually interesting as a penguin or a homemade pin-cushion, did help me to explain how I approach things.


‘It was good to talk about day dreaming and how staring into space is such a vital part of creativity for me. Also to share how keeping a small pocket sized notebook to jot down notes, do crude sketches and put my stream of consciousness onto paper is another vital part of how I come up with ideas. For me, once you are sitting typing you’re mainly formatting and taking what’s in your little book and making it palatable for others, and the nods of approval suggested I may not be alone in that. It was good to get to discuss both sides of my creative life, and I got to show some of the pages from my latest graphic novel/comic series Flux, and explain how I’ve adapted to co-writing with fantasy author Steve Aryan.


‘I also got to outline how my role as Creative Producer at Bait Studio works and how I approach working on other people’s creative projects. It reminded me how much I enjoy receiving film scripts for our visual effects work, reading them once as a writer and then again with my producer hat on. It was a fascinating evening and nowhere near as scary as I thought it was going to be prior to stepping up on stage. I thoroughly enjoyed hearing how the other speakers approach their work and it was good to meet lots of other local like minded people too.


‘Creative Cardiff looks like a big step in the right direction, joining up the dots in a very creative centred city. I look forward to attending more events in the future.’ – Pete Rogers, Creative Producer